Monday, January 23, 2006


I created this blog and then promptly forgot about it. I've been journaling in pen instead, I guess. Yesterday I got some incredible news: Echelon Press has offered me a contract for Point Surrender. Of course it needs some work but that's to be expected; I welcome the suggestions.

What is so unbelievably awesome is that the release date is February 2007, in time for Valentine's Day, and it will be a small print run in excess of 2000 copies. Generous authors' copies too, and Karen is great to work with. I now have a whole year to put together and begin a major marketing campaign for my book. My lighthouse mystery that has been waiting for years to get published.

Cover art is really important now. I think I will be working with Nathalie Moore, Echelon's outstanding art director. I worked with Nathalie when I was AD for Wings and she is a very talented and friendly and perceptive.

I'm feeling very encouraged and even somewhat inspired. I'm hoping to get my rear in gear and finish OLD ENOUGH for my niece who's been waiting forever for this "next in the series" of Y/A titles I'd planned to write after LOCKER SHOCK.

There is also a somewhat sensual short called MAKE ME TELL LIES that I'm going to finish up for Karen's Dollar Download program. I hope.

I'll be back!