Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's the Point, Surrender?

It's almost time! I'm so excited I need to run around the yard a few times each hour. Seriously, the galleys are done, the reviews have been requested, the cover art is, well, in progress. A little hold up on the photograph being used for the background.

Now the doubts begin to creep in. What if? What if the reviewers don't like it? Not enough romance for the romance folks? Not enough mystery for the who-dun-it buffs? Characters developed enough? Technical details accurate? How about the lighthouse experts around the country (the ones that are also romance/mystery readers, that is.) What if they think it's dumb?

Oh, and those paranormal elements. Does it have enough to qualify mentioning it? Are the ghosts real, or imagined in Point Surrender?

Yep, the heebie-jeebies come calling once the book is completely out of your sweating little fingers.

Do me favor. If you get the book and like it, please tell me. If you don't like it, at least be nice.

Where Have I Been? WORKING!

And being published!

Big sigh of relief as December saw WHEN HARRY MET SOLI go live at Echelon Press. What a great experience this was! Not to mention challenging... have you ever tried to create a story about a complete stranger?

Read more about WHEN HARRY MET SOLI below under "Reader's Win."

While Ms. Michaud may not have found HARRY to be the story of her dreams, she was nonetheless cheery, upbeat and cooperative throughout our dealings. For me, the best part was piecing together bits of various scenes that float about in my head, trying to meld the real with the fictional into an entertaining story for a variety of readers. And maybe Ms. Michaud will write a story about me one day.

I hope you will buy and enjoy this little story. You can get it in a variety of formats at Fictionwise for around three dollars. You won't regreat it.