Thursday, August 11, 2005

Point Surrender 2

Yesterday I spent about an hour working on the manuscript. I added a ghostly appearance on the cliff. I also realized that every instance of "Mrs." Hastings had to be changed to "Miss" Hastings -- why didn't I, or anyone else, notice that? She's never been married, she's the sister of Matt Hastings.

I'm thinking about adding a scene earlier in the book where Case actually has his boating incident. Perhaps a little paranormal activity going on out there... why else would Case run aground out there? May take a bit of research.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Point Surrender

I've been waffling about what to work on next. Not that I have time to write, mind you (er, me) but if I DID have time to write... it makes the most sense to get back into PS because it's a done book, or virtually done; The GYPSY book is just a baby and not fully formed.

Case McKenna. What to do about him. I think I used an incorrect or weak role model for this character. Originally Joe Lando. Problem there was that I don't really know Joe. Strong and silent type sounds good, but harder to write about. I really need to find another model and get to know him enought to let him evolve, the way Dane did. Case needs more passion, more obsession with Amy.

The plot needs a whole lot more meat on its bones. Tina originally suggested a paranormal element, and now I'm tending to like this idea after reading Nora's Quinn brothers saga. I've never really liked ghostly elements, but she does it with such ease and subtlty I think I could do that. Case's fathers could both visit. Or, just one. Perhaps he could also visit the mother, Leticia. Her character could certainly use more on-screen time, LOL.

Amy. She's also too milquetoast. She needs to be a bit gutsier, a little deeper. More personality traits. What's so great about her that Case can't stop thinking about her?

The plot again. The manatee thing shouldn't be a surprise -- it's a cop. Also, the "mystery" about Case's identity doesn't have to remain a mystery -- I could trust the reader with this knowledge earlier, like Nora does, and still enjoy the unfolding. I think it's insulting to the reader to try to hide it and use the name switch as a tool; it's lame.

The lighthouse. It's pretty good. The paranormal element must be attached, however.

What if there is an earlier scene with Leticia, a day in her life, where we don't quite know yet who she is, where she is ultimately visited by a ghostly presence? It could be Liam or Matt. There could be a hint about her being terminal. Then, when Amy contacts her, she is not surprised. She is almost expecting it.

Matt's sister's character could use a little fine tuning. Irina is a complex character, too.

The night of the big storm falls a little flat. Besides the storm, the fall, the miscarriage, that paranormal element must rear up again, including the radio broadcast from the boat in trouble. It must closely parallel the night Liam died in the lighthouse. Case must be made to relive that night even closer.

Now I am getting excited about revamping this story. I still want to submit it if I feel it's good enough. I'll need a lot of time to write in the coming weeks. It's probably impossible to get it done by RT.

Surprisingly, I've never done a cover for this book! Yet I did one for GYPSY. Go figure!

If this book is good enough, I'll launch my own promotional campaign. Website, promo items, tour dates (hahahahahahahah!)

We'll see if I'm up to it. RT is in May. NINE months away. I'd have to have the book done by October 1st. That's a lark!

Could happen if it was good enough.

Off to do my day.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Today is the first day

Today is the first day of my blog. I am endeavoring to kick start my writing life and thought this would be a good place to talk about it. This, of course, is a test.