Thursday, August 11, 2005

Point Surrender 2

Yesterday I spent about an hour working on the manuscript. I added a ghostly appearance on the cliff. I also realized that every instance of "Mrs." Hastings had to be changed to "Miss" Hastings -- why didn't I, or anyone else, notice that? She's never been married, she's the sister of Matt Hastings.

I'm thinking about adding a scene earlier in the book where Case actually has his boating incident. Perhaps a little paranormal activity going on out there... why else would Case run aground out there? May take a bit of research.


Cheryl Norman said...

Hey, Pam, my talented cover artist!

What are you doing to Point Surrender? I didn't think your hero was weak, but I read an earlier version.

BTW, how can I get with the Wings-Authors' blog?


philingals24221438 said...
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