Monday, October 06, 2008

The Loss of a Hero

I was going to begin this piece with, "Cancer steals another of my heroes…" but I didn't want the focus to be on either me or on cancer. This insidious scourge already gets more press than it should.

Still, Paul Newman was nothing if not a hero. He was my hero, for as long as I can remember watching him on the big screen. So much so that he became a sort of "role model" for Dane Pierce, the classic bad boy anti-hero of STARCROSSED HEARTS, my first big contemporary romance (Wings ePress, Sept, 2001)

Apparently, I am not alone in my appreciation of this sexy, shining star. Nominated 9 times for Academy Awards, he took Oscar home only once for "The Color of Money." He remained married to his second wife, Joanne Woodward, for fifty years. He created a charitable empire unrivaled by his peers.

One of my favorite experiences of Paul was his appearance on "Inside The Actors Studio" (he was their first guest) where he was interviewed by James Lipton. Normally elusive, this serious Hollywood icon was candid, comic, self-effacing and charming. I couldn't stop smiling during the entire program.

I can't really add anything to the multitude of eulogies being written this week about Paul. I loved him, I'm grieving, and I feel so much remorse over his suffering. My heart goes out to Joanne and their daughters, who most certainly are devastated at his passing.

Here is a brief video prepared by NEWMANS OWN organization. Grab a hanky.

Rest in peace, dear Paul.


The Stiletto Gang said...

I was/am a big fan of Paul Newman's work both in front of the screen and for charities. His life has made a real difference in this world, I'm sure his family takes comfort in that.

aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

Mary Cunningham said...

This is a real tear-jerker! Paul Newman was all that is great about Hollywood and charities.

He was the best!