Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hail, Britannia! To the Land of Rowling and Burns

Barely 48 hours until we lift off from Los Angeles Int'l en route to London-Heathrow. I am mostly packed already, and am antsy to get going! When you plan a big trip early on, and there's nothing left to do, you can't help but wonder what you've forgotten...

A huge highlight for me will be seeing the Phantom of the Opera on the London stage! 21 years it's been playing! I've seen it twice here in L.A. and own the movie, and cannot wait to see it again. (Haven't seen the Las Vegas version yet, but will eventually.)

Apropos that young Harry will debut his latest tome as we are still winging our way East. Good luck to all the fans partaking of midnight book release parties!

More later...


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