Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will the Real Harry Potter please stand...

Last fall I wrote a short story as the result of a contest held by Echelon Press for its readers. When it debuted, I was immersed in the edits for POINT SURRENDER and didn't give the story, or rather the marketing of the story, as much effort as I should have.

WHEN HARRY MET SOLI is the story of Harry Wilson, a seven-year-old boy whose recent loss of his mother has pitched him into a fantasy world filled with muggles, wizards and flying broomsticks. Yes, Harry believes he is that Harry, the quidditch-playing, wand-wielding boy wizard of Gryffindor House fame. His newly reintroduced biological father is lost when it comes to steering the boy back to reality; he can barely handle a grilled cheese sandwich on his own. Yet a chance meeting with children's fantasy author Soliza just might produce a ticket home from Hogwart's for Trey Wilson and his young would-be warlock.

A quick and entertaining read, WHEN HARRY MET SOLI is the perfect interim reading matter while waiting for THE DEATHLY HALLOWS to release - still more than a week away!

You can pick up WHEN HARRY MET SOLI in multi-formats at Fictionwise, along with all books by Anne Carter. You will enjoy it -- I guarantee!

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