Thursday, August 30, 2007

50 Books in 50 States Project!

Okay, last week I saw someone else doing this and I thought, "she stole my idea!" But the reality of it is, she blogged it first, and she doesn't know me. I hope it's working for her.

Probably most of you are authors or aspiring authors. A lot of you are small press folks, working hard to get your books in front of readers. I know I am. My publisher has provided us with distribution through those heralded warehousing giants, Ingram's and Baker & Taylor, not to mention Partners and Follett. Yet, we all know that distribution by itself is not enough, and books that sit are books that get returned.

My dream is to have one book ordered by a reader in each of the 50 states. Yeah, lofty, I know, but how hard could it be? Ain't too proud to beg, as the song goes. Order my book from any bookseller, big box or indy, and write me at annecarter @ In return, I'll promote you and your book, your website, whatever. I'll write you into my various blogs, put a link to your book on my website. (And if you like my book, I hope you'll blog about it, too.) Help me fill up my map and show the big guys that small press is alive and kicking.

POINT SURRENDER (Echelon Press, ISBN 978-1-59080-514-5, $12.95 Trade Paperback) is a romantic paranormal lighthouse mystery.

"Point Surrender's last keeper has been dead for more than 25 years. Will the journal he left behind reveal why he died in the aging white beacon, and what became of his missing family? Amy Winslow is bound and determined to find out. There are those who would just as soon she didn't."

If you need more convincing that you'll love this book, check out my video, reviews and excerpt at and then head on out to your local bookseller and ask them to order a copy. You won't be sorry, and together we just might give small press another leg up! I'll be posting updates to my project so check in to see what states are buying books.


ps – I am also very interested in feedback about how quickly your book arrives…

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