Friday, August 29, 2008

Bank of Books Welcomes Anne Carter!

Well, tomorrow I am presenting a workshop/talk on Writing Romance at the Bank of Books in Ventura, CA. Bookstore owner Clarey Rudd is most graciously hosting my appearance at his charming indy store, and I look forward to the visit! In the photo to the left is my good friend and fellow author, Michael Mehas of STOLEN BOY fame, the story of the youngest man ever to be given the death penalty, and Mr. Rudd, enjoying our sunny So Cal weather! I will be bringing handouts, candy and maybe even cookies to my afternoon of sharing romance writing tips with up-and-coming authors. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

What else is new? I've just finished my submission story for Sisters In Crime/LA's next anthology, "Murder in La La Land" and I'll be crossing all fingers and toes that it gets accepted. A writer could do a lot worse than be associated with this fun and talented group of writers! Wish I could tell you about my story, but mum's the word - it's a blind submission, and you don't know who might be listening! Er, reading.

My local fellow author, teen romance writer Alyssa Montgomery, has a new release out this month. MR. MYSTERIOUS is about three friends - two girls and a boy - who suffer through one of the girls' crush on a mystery boy, and a magical night they all share as everyone finds out just who Mr. "M" is! This short fiction ebook is available in PDF format at QuakeMe and will soon be selling at Fictionwise in multiple formats.

September will be a busy month, as I have an important graduation to attend, a trip to Vegas, book/author fairs in both Santa Barbara and West Hollywood, CA, and my own mid-month birthday! Whew!

Maybe I'd better go take a nap.

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