Friday, August 22, 2008

E-Books: Cheaper Than Gas!

My Summer '08 newsletter is out, headlined with an article about how you could buy an Amazon Kindle for about the same price as a month's worth of gasoline. Read it at .

I haven't tried the Kindle yet. I have held the Sony reader in my hands, loved the shape and feel and weight of it, which I believe is similar to the Kindle. I'm still not completely sold, however, since I read in the dark and rely on my Pocket PC's backlight feature. With either of these upper end e-readers, you'll need a clamp on booklight to read in bed.

So what's on my wish list? Along with the aforementioned readers, I'm thinking hard about the web-and-email enabled Samsung Instinct phone, and I'm also in the market for a hands-free Bluetooth device for my car. I can't stand the fussiness of the ear-pod thing.

Would love to hear what devices you all have!

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